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    New look and new name for the masters in print: Be Ink


    Helping Be Ink turn their merged print shop into a single, recognisable printing company in an age when print is so much more than just ink on paper
    Print masters

    When we were asked to help brainstorm, the print shop comprised two companies that had merged. Each had its own DNA. The old name was standing in the way of progress. Consequently, we came up with a new name. ‘Van Deabrummelkamp’ became ‘Be Ink’. Working with owners Jos, Diede and Enzo in numerous design sessions, we came up with a new direction and identity for the print shop. After all, Be Ink is not just a print shop. The team at Be Ink are real printing people who show how a group of individuals can be fascinated by one thing: ink.


    More communication is taking place worldwide than ever before. A transition from paper to digital is underway. Sustainability is a trending topic. The people at Be Ink spend every day thinking about means of communication for organisations, just like we do. That includes the best way to do that, in a sustainable way. They are involved 24 hours a day with everything that is printed. Digital or not, this is still done using ink. The most innovative organic inks, of course.

    However, Be Ink does more than just print on every surface imaginable; they also offer you advice on printing techniques and how to approach production. All with a tremendous amount of professional expertise. Ask them something about printing and they will know the answer. And they will be pleased to explain it to you. Even without being asked, because ink is their passion.


    And in an age of movement and modernisation, we need people who organise print media by thinking, arranging and by doing. What we print on no longer matters. How we do it is what really counts.

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