Client Ministerie van Financiën – Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Authority)

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    Co-operation Huib Koeleman

    Designing internal communication during change


    Helping Dutch Tax Authority (Belastingdienst) managers deal with communication around sweeping austerity measures

    With 30,000 employees, the Dutch Tax Authority is one of the largest employers in the Netherlands. That makes it a stable employer. But the job market is changing and even the Dutch Tax Authority has not been able to avoid cuts. Operational management and personnel policy had to be revised, the number of locations reduced, and the filing process for returns digitalised.


    The focus was shifted to citizens and companies. The organisation was set to change dramatically. Obviously, the impact would be tremendous. In order to communicate this internally, the course of change must be clear for every employee. All 1,500 managers were informed, motivated and supported in the process. They were given the tools to make it possible to discuss the impact of the change within their teams.

    Chat chart

    In an inspiring collaboration with Huib Koeleman, expert in the field of change communication, we developed a recognisable identity for all means of communication in the change process, such as a toolbox for managers containing interventions, Serious Games, Pecha Kucha presentations and webinars.


    We developed a ‘chat chart’ specifically for managers: a poster featuring the challenges presented by the changes and the cold hard facts. After all, an infographic makes figures visible to everyone. And that will kick-start even the most difficult conversations.

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