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    Dusty? Now way!


    Designing an online platform and proposition for cultural education

    The Culture Company develops cultural projects in North Holland and wants all children in primary schools to be given cultural education. So, together we created ‘Cultuur in de Klas’. It is an online platform covering a great supply of cultural education programmes for primary schools. A concept at a glimpse, that appeals to teachers and their pupils.

    Helping kids

    Why is culture actually important in education? Art, theatre, opera, music and cultural heritage; many kids find culture boring and undramatic, and learning about it happens mainly outside school. And that’s a shame. Because culture is a world of experiences that children can enjoy, once they discover it. That is why the Education Council has said: “Learn, create, inspire!”. Because “primary school lays the foundation for the cultural development of children. It helps kids learn to function in a complex, diverse and rapidly changing society.”

    At a glimpse

    The teaching of art and culture was the starting point for our creative strategy. Looking at art and culture requires knowledge. And with that knowledge, you can learn to see. Seeing and believing that art is not as boring as you think. Learn to see the fun of it, to open your eyes and broaden your horizons. A cultural grounding in the classroom will help children understand the world as it is. We based the concept on imagination, to lower the threshold for cultural education and professionals working with kids.


    Although no part of the assignment, we took into account the possibility of future campaign-based communications. To tell the truth, no communication is triggered by a website alone; you have to let people know that the website is there.

    ‘Culture is a perception that children can enjoy and use for their own benefit in a changing society.’
    Getters and givers

    We wanted teachers in primary school to be enthusiastic about the range of what is on offer. For this to happen, we needed to present what was available online in an attractive way, to present a real showcase with a great range of choice. The target group consisted of ‘getters’ and ‘givers’. People who get are looking for educational programmes. People who give want to display and sell a product or service to schools. People who get can play a major role in the positive review of projects, thereby increasing the market value of a project. We kept in mind the fact that the opinion of this target group is essential.

    ‘Not just to look, but to see. That is the foundation of our concept. In the end, it’s all about children. We want to lead the way to the cultural development of children.’

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