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    Creating awareness of NHN as a region with great solutions in water, energy and agrifood


    Helping NHN Development Company focus attention on the region as an economic hub of the future
    Increase development

    The world around us is constantly changing. That includes the Noord-Holland Noord region (the northern region of Noord-Holland province). If the region wants to become stronger economically and increase development, then people in the region will have to work together more. The regional plan we will use to accomplish this is called ‘© van Hollandse Bodem’ (‘© Of Dutch Origin’).


    © van Hollandse Bodem is a way and an approach that the Noord-Holland Noord region, from Castricum to Texel, can use to put itself on the map. It is an activation strategy to encourage governments, businesses and residents to become partners, to act as initiators and to participate in projects with like-minded parties.

    Regional solutions

    The economic circle of energy – food – water is the most important theme. After all, a rapidly growing world population and prosperity increases the demand for energy, food and water. Supplies that were always taken for granted are gradually running out. Businesses and initiatives in the Noord-Holland Noord region are already internationally renowned for innovative solutions involving energy, food and water and for linking them together. Now it’s time for the rest of the Netherlands.


    © van Hollandse Bodem allows the Noord-Holland Noord region to show the Netherlands and the world how a regional community can boost the economy of the future through solidarity. In other words, regional solutions to global challenges.

    You need everyone

    The © van Hollandse Bodem approach was developed in cooperation with the NHN Ontwikkelingsbedrijf company. During eight intensive exploratory sessions, we defined a point on the horizon, a feasibility plan and means for activation. And together we drew up the vision. After all, when it comes to branding a region, you need everyone, and nothing is written in stone. The approach is flexible and can be adapted to changing economic objectives.

    Creative content

    Following strategic sessions, we developed the brand to launch © van Hollandse Bodem in the market. Social media and the new website helped expand reach. Also, we included the business community and municipalities in expert meetings. © van Hollandse Bodem is visible in initiatives taken by others, such as Sail Den Helder and Energy Valley, and through telling entrepreneurs’ stories. By using photography, writing stories and developing infographics and animations, we presented the region’s entrepreneurs and their most innovative cases to the public.

    Special places

    A series of events brings the brand to life even more. We organise these events at unique places: in the midst of Europe’s most modern greenhouses in Wieringermeer, on the grounds of the nuclear reactor in Petten and the new pop venue in Alkmaar. © van Hollandse Bodem’s partner companies can host events, giving us the opportunity to visit the most unusual places. During these well-attended and busy gatherings, you can participate in a variety of workshops and guided tours. Led by challenging chairpersons, you will hear inspiring speakers who offer you innovative insights. © van Hollandse Bodem plans to develop this into an annual event that you will not want to miss.

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