Moving brands

    and understanding people’s needs

    Organisations are being disrupted by changing trends and customer values. Marketing and communication are evolving at high speed. The impact changes. The models turn. Brands need to move.

    Beautiful Minds

    Beautiful Minds is het designbureau voor Moving Brands: het in beweging zetten van merken en mensen. Omdat technologie versnelt, trends vernieuwen en waarden veranderen.

    Dankzij de slimme aanpak Design Thinking, helder design en eigenwijze concepten helpen wij organisaties verder in communicatie en marketing.

    We want to create value
    through design.
    We think:

    Organisations are used to logical and analytical thinking. But audiences want more than logic. So, we have to move in new directions. When we keep moving, we are able to collaborate with people and create answers. With this way of thinking, we create magic. And magic moves.

    Everyone wants to stand out


    Beautiful Minds helps large and small organisations make choices. Who are you? What do you do? Why does it matter? Answers to these questions make you stand out. But determining what the added value is can be a problem. And every problem has its own limitations. We use limitations as a springboard to creative solutions.


    Dusty? Now way. Designing an online platform for cultural education

    People want more than logic


    Beautiful Minds helps communication and marketing people with creative thinking. Organisations think logically and analytically. But an audience wants more than logic. In order to draw attention and to persuade, the visual form and content of a message need to evoke emotion. People value feeling more than information.


    Enabling real conversations with secondary-school dropouts

    Meaningful design appeals to imagination


    Beautiful Minds helps organisations inform target groups. We use design to give insight, depict complexity and interpret meaning. We help visually translate messages for an audience. Because no matter how meaningful the message is, if the form fails, then the information does not come across.


    Branding the Beemster, a UNESCO World heritage site and a great place to visit

    Input from others is valuable


    Beautiful Minds makes design with a creative impact by connecting. We help people look inside from the outside. Communication and marketing do not function without community. Contributions from others are valuable and come from every direction.



    Empowering students to create ideas for Amsterdam and make it a better place

    Behaviour changes slowly


    Beautiful Minds makes people the main focus in design. Technology is getting faster and we are short on time. But people’s behaviour changes slowly. Using the Design Thinking method, we introduce clarity into processes and identify actions. That helps organisations and employees move forward during change.


    Creating better online conversion and getting more visitors to Airborne Museum

    Our work


    Allerlei soorten organisaties werken met ons. Ze verschillen erg van elkaar. Maar ze hebben één ding gemeen: ze willen branding die mensen raakt.


    All kinds of organisations work with us. They are all very different from each other. But they do have one thing in common: they want branding with power to stir the soul.

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