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    Creating better online conversion and getting more visitors to Airborne Museum


    Helping Airborne Museum design a better online customer journey
    Operation Market Garden

    In late September 1944, a historic airborne landing and battle took place in Arnhem. The Battle of Arnhem, part of Operation Market Garden and the largest operation on Dutch soil during the Second World War, was conceived by Field Marshal Montgomery. It proved to be a bridge too far. The heavy attacks during the operation resulted in mass casualties and wounded and ultimately led to the ‘Hongerwinter’ or winter of starvation.


    The Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek tells the story of the Battle of Arnhem. Villa Hartenstein, which houses the museum and served as British headquarters in 1944, is a central location in the commemoration of the battle. The number of surviving eyewitnesses is decreasing. Today, many citizens, heroic resistance fighters and veterans who were involved in the battle are either in their eighties or already deceased. With the collection, which continues to grow, the Airborne Museum has a unique possession: tangible evidence and countless stories about this dramatic event in Dutch history.

    Online experience

    Our design team developed a website that presents a mix of supply, conversion and experience of the museum. With considerable visual material and better SEO, the Airborne Museum online experience has been optimised.


    The website was outdated and no longer measured up to the customer journey that today’s visitors have come to expect. Using the Design Thinking method, we mapped out the customer journey and conversion. This entailed observing visitors, organising meetings and talking with museum staff members and volunteers. Based on this exploration, we worked with designers and developers to create the new website.


    Now the Airborne Museum has a modern website that appeals to a wide target audience. Moreover, the online customer journey is appropriate to the large target audience of ‘silver surfers’: the 65+ age group. The new Airborne Museum website allows you to experience the Battle of Arnhem in words and images.

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